2-Methylimidazole CAS:693-98-1

  • Product Name:2-Methylimidazole
  • CAS:693-98-1
  • Molecular formula:C4H6N2
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2-Methylimidazole CAS:693-98-1

2-Methylimidazole CAS:693-98-1 Basic information

Product Name: 2-Methylimidazole
Synonyms: Ondansetron Impurity 6(Ondansetron EP Impurity F);2-Methylimidazo;Ondansetron Hydrochloride Dihydrate EP Impurity F;JACS-693-98-1;Glyoxalethyline;Imidazole, 2-methyl-;p-Oxal-methyline;RESICURE(TM) 46
CAS: 693-98-1
MF: C4H6N2
MW: 82.1
EINECS: 211-765-7
Product Categories: Imidazol&Benzimidazole;Imidazoles;Heterocyclic Compounds;Imidaxoles;Alternative Energy;Materials for Hydrogen Storage;Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs);Organic Linker Molecules;Building Blocks;Chemical Synthesis;Heterocyclic Building Blocks;Materials Scienc
Mol File: 693-98-1.mol

2-Methylimidazole CAS:693-98-1 Chemical Properties

density: 1.0500 (rough estimate)
Melting point: 142-143 °C(lit.)
Boiling point: 267-268 °C(lit.)
form: Crystalline Powder
storage temp.: 2-8°C
Water Solubility: Soluble in water and ethanol.
refractive index: 1.4970 (estimate)
pka: 14.44±0.10(Predicted)
BRN: 1368
Fp: 155 °C
solubility: 780g/l
NIST Chemistry Reference: 1H-Imidazole, 2-methyl-(693-98-1)
vapor pressure: <1 mm Hg ( 0 °C)
CAS DataBase Reference: 693-98-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry System: 2-Methylimidazole (693-98-1)


Test Items




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White crystal or white crystal powder


White crystal


Melting Point














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2-Methylimidazole Usage And Synthesis
Summary2-Methyl imidazole is also known as 2-methyl-imidazol,which is white needle crystal or crystalline powder at room temperature. Relative molecular mass 82.11. Melting point 145~146℃. Boiling point 267℃. Able to sublimate. Flash point 160℃. Insoluble in cold ether and benzene, soluble in water, alcohols and ketones. Irritating to the skin and mucous membrane. Mice are investigated with LD501400mg/kg by oral. 2-Methylimidazole is the intermediate of producing pranti-trichomonal pesticide, metronidazole (Flagyl). It is also curing agent and curing accelerator of epoxy resin and other resin and plays a special role in the amine curing agent. As temperature curing agent of epoxy resin, it can be used alone and it can produce cured products with high heat distortion temperature after heat treatment in a short period. However, it is mainly used as curing accelerator for powder forming and powder coating which can be obtained by dehydrogenation of 2-methylimidazole.
Chemical propertiesSolid. Soluble in water, ethanol, slightly soluble in cold benzene.
Production1. The product is produced by the following steps: glyoxal, acetaldehyde and ammonia are used as raw materials to produce crude products of 2-methylimidazole after reaction, and then refined by sublimation.
2. Use ethylenediamine and acetonitrile as raw materials, and them react in the presence of sulfur to generate imidazoline., The dehydrogenation occurs below 20℃ with nickel as catalyst to get 2-methylimidazole products.
3. Products can be obtained by reaction of glyoxal and methylamine in the presence of formaldehyde.
4.It can be obtained by dehydrogenation of 2-methylimidazole. Heat 2-methylimidazoline to molten (melting point of 107℃), add active nickel carefully, heat up to 200-210℃ and react for 2h. Cool to 150℃, then add water for dissolving, filter press while hot, separate active nickel, concentrate the filtrate to the temperature at 140℃, discharge and cool to get 2-methylimidazole. The purity of products produced with this method is more than 98%. Product consumes (95%) 1095kg ethylenediamine and 975kg acetonitrile. Using glyoxal and aldehyde as raw materials is better.
  • Used as the intermediate of metronidazole, as well as curing agent of epoxy resin and other resin;

  • This product is the intermediate of metronidazole and fodder growth promoter (dimetridazole), as well as curing agent of epoxy resin and other resin. As temperature curing agent of epoxy resin, it can be used alone, but it is mainly used as curing accelerator for powder forming and powder coating;

  • Used as the intermediate of producing metronidazole, as well as curing agent of epoxy resin and other resin. Dye auxiliaries of fiber textile. Organic synthesis;

  • Used as intermediates of producing drugs, such as metronidazole, two methyl imidazole, etc. It can be used as the curing agent of epoxy resin and dye auxiliaries of fiber textile, as well as additives for the preparation of foam plastics.

Chemical Propertieswhite to light yellow crystalline powder
UsesHardener or accelerator for epoxy
Uses2-Methylimidazole is a monomethylated imidazole that can be used as a building block in the preparation of a wide range of biologically active compounds. 2-Methylimidazole as well as other imidazoles can be use as catalyst for refolding of enhanced coloured fluorescent protein. 2-Methylimidazole has been identified as a byproduct of fermentation and is detected in foods and mainstream and side-str eam tobacco smoke.
HazardPossible carcinogen.
Purification MethodsRecrystallise 2-methylimidazole from *benzene or pet ether. The picrate has m 215o (from H2O). [Beilstein 23 III/IV 594, 23/5 V 35.]

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