AURAMINE O CAS:2465-27-2

  • Product Name:AURAMINE O
  • CAS:2465-27-2
  • Molecular formula:C17H22ClN3
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AURAMINE O CAS:2465-27-2

AURAMINE O CAS:2465-27-2 Basic information

Product Name: AURAMINE O
Synonyms: AMINOTETRAMETHYL DIAMINODIPHENYLMETHANE;4,4 -(IMIDOCARBONYL)BIS(N,N-DIMETHYLANILINE) MONOHYDROCHLORIDE;(Tetramethyldiamino)diphenylketoimine hydrochloride;1,1-Bis(p-dimethylaminophenyl)methylenimine hydrochloride;1,1-bis(p-dimethylaminophenyl)methylenimin
CAS: 2465-27-2
MF: C17H22ClN3
MW: 303.83
EINECS: 219-567-2
Product Categories: Diphenylmethane;Dyes and Pigments;Organics
Mol File: 2465-27-2.mol

AURAMINE O CAS:2465-27-2 Chemical Properties

Melting point: >250 °C (dec.)(lit.)
form: Powder/Solid
storage temp.: Store at RT.
Water Solubility: Soluble in water or ethanol
pka: 9.8, 10.7(at 25℃)
BRN: 4030061
solubility: 10g/l
NIST Chemistry Reference: Aniline, 4,4 -(imidocarbonyl)bis-(n,n-dimethyl)-, hydrochloride(2465-27-2)
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
λmax: 370 nm, 432 nm
Colour Index: 41000
CAS DataBase Reference: 2465-27-2(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry System: Auramine, monohydrochloride (2465-27-2)


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Result of analysis



黄色粉末Yellow powder

黄色粉末Yellow powder



Similar to standard

与标准品近似Similar to standard










Insoluble substance



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AURAMINE O Usage And Synthesis
Chemical Propertiesyellow powder
Chemical PropertiesAuramine is a yellow crystalline powder or flaky material.
UsesCertified for use by fluorescence microscopy in Churukian's modification of Truant's fluorescent method for acid fast bacilli on paraffin sections.
DefinitionChEBI: A hydrochloride obtained by combining 4,4'-carbonimidoylbis(N,N-dimethylaniline) with one molar equivalent of hydrogen chloride. A fluorescent stain for demonstrating acid fast organisms in a method similar to the Zieh Neelsen. It also can be used to make a fluorescent Schiff reagent.
General DescriptionYellow flakes or powder.
Air & Water ReactionsInsoluble in water.
Reactivity ProfileAURAMINE O is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
HazardProbable carcinogen.
Fire HazardFlash point data for AURAMINE O are not available. AURAMINE O is probably combustible.
Potential ExposureAuramine is used industrially as a dye or dye intermediate for coloring textiles; paper, and leather. Also used as an antiseptic (a powerful antiseptic in ear and nose surgery, and treatment of gonorrhea) and fungicide. Human exposure to auramine occurs principally through skin absorption or inhalation of vapors. Low-level dermal exposure to the consumer may occur but would be limited to any migration of auramine from fabric, leather, or paper goods.
ShippingUN2811 Toxic solids, organic, n.o.s., Hazard Class: 6.1; Labels: 6.1-Poisonous materials, Technical Name Required. UN3143 Dyes, solid, toxic, n.o.s. or Dye intermediates, solid, toxic, n.o.s., Hazard Class: 6.1; Labels: 6.1-Poisonous materials, Technical Name Required.
Purification MethodsIt crystallises from EtOH as the hydrochloride and is very slightly soluble in CHCl3, UV: 434nm ( 370). The free base (carbinolamine) has m 136o (from *C6H6). [Goldacre & Phillips J Chem Soc 1724 1949, Conrad et al. Biochemistry 9 1540 1970, Beilstein 14 IV 256.]
IncompatibilitiesIncompatible with oxidizers (chlorates, nitrates, peroxides, permanganates, perchlorates, chlorine, bromine, fluorine, etc.); contact may cause fires or explosions. Keep away from alkaline materials, strong bases, strong acids, oxoacids, epoxides.
Waste DisposalConsult with environmental regulatory agencies for guidance on acceptable disposal practices. Generators of waste containing this contaminant (≥100 kg/mo) must conform with EPA regulations governing storage, transportation, treatment, and waste disposal. Incinerate in furnace with afterburner and scrubber.

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